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General English

  • Levels 1A and 1B- At this level, students can:          Listen and respond to spoken language, including simple narratives, statements, questions and single-step instructions; Speak to communicate basic information, feelings and opinions on familiar topics;
  • Levels 2A and 2B- At this level, students can:  Listen and respond to spoken language, including straghforward information, short narratives explanations and instructions; Speak to communicate information, feelings and opinions on familiar topics; 
  • Levels 3A and 3B- At this level, students can:   Listen and respond straighforward information and narratives, and follow straighforward explanations and instructions, both face-to-face and on the telephone; 
  • Level 4A- At this level, students can:  Listen and respond to spoken language, including information and narratives, and follow explanations and instructions of varying length, adapting response to speaker, medium and context; 

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Former School at Plater College Oxford

Pullens Lane. Headington - 0X3 0DT

Phone: 01865 7733344852

New Office: Copse Lane

Marston. OX3 0AY 

Oxford. Oxfordshire - England. UK


Welcome to Rochachat Online Learning, an International English Language School in Oxford. United Kingdom, UK.

Rochachat is an International English Language School in Oxford where we offer the following programs:

General English, Business English, English for University Studies, Practical English Grammar,  Grammar and Functions, Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation, Reading, Writing, Writing Essays, Vocabulary, TESOL/TEFL, and IELTS.

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Popular Programs

We offer the folowing popular programs at our Online Learning website:


Your tutor can provide support by phone, email, online or by post. You might be able to communicate with other learners by email or website discussion groups. This helps you learn from the rest of the group and comment on each others work. There is usually a good range of support available to help you organise your time and manage your learning.

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After enrolling online you will receive a link to access your materials within five working days. You will also receive your personal Oxford student number via email. Your course materials are delivered in 'pdf'; 'video clips' and 'interactive' formats.

On the student 'Common Room'  you'll receive the latest updates. For more about our English Courses send us your contact information

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How We Work

Learn English on your own pace 

E-learning makes use of information and communications technology to provide innovative ways to learn. Distance learning covers learning remotely on courses such as home study or self-study courses, which can be combined with e-learning.

A variety of media is used to help with learning and to provide communication between learners and tutors, these include: Traditional materials, such as books and/or manuals; Television and/or radio broadcasts; audio tapes and/or CD/DVD; Online information; Online groups; Video conferencing; Email support and websites.

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     London is a vast metropolis. With a population of more than 7 million (15 million in the SE region). Life in the city is very congested. Like any other city travel late at night is more risky in some areas so be sensible. If you are in a bussit near the driver and likewise in a tube or train st near the driver (or guard if available). Do not have valuables showing; jewellery, cameras, phones, etc. There are telephones on most stations and emergency levers in all carriages. Go for traditional black cabs over minicabs particulary at night.


     Oxford is situated 57 miles (c 91 Km) north-west of London and is served by a regular fast train service and frequent coach services. Oxford is 45 miles (c 72 km) from London Heathrow Airport and 80 miles (c 129 km) from London Gatwick Airport and is best reached from either airport by the airport bus service. It is unwise to take a taxi from London or either of the airports to Oxford without first having ascertained the cost. In the UK they drive on the left, so take care when crossing roads.



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